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Footsoldiers, fics in progress

Well, have managed to get some writing done in the last week, despite most of the WIP being stranded on a Dead Laptop. The resuscitation effort is underway, and even if it fails we should be able to read its entrails to retrieve the files.. but still, a minor aggravation. I should perhaps mention that this was a free laptop, so I can't really complain about having gotten a year of heavy use out of it. (This is currently holding up work on the S1 series Setting Up House, however.)

In the meantime, dietcokechic and I have finished and posted part 2 of Footsoldiers, our ongoing series of 'fun with SFs'.. We both like OC viewpoints, and after I had written to her some time ago heaping praise upon her Barista and Behind the Scenes series and she had likewise enjoyed my astronaut series we swapped some ideas on who elses' viewpoint might be fun, and started this little collection of vignettes.

The good news is that part 3.. actually the first part we wrote, has a fairly complete draft already written, so it's pretty likely that'll be up soon.

Then there's a little piece I promised for a zine and sent out a few days ago. And last but not least, I had sworn that I wouldn't sit down and write any more in the Rearranging Fate universe (the AU from the ep POV) just yet, because RA is a zine fic and won't go online until next June. But it occurred to me on the spur of the moment that writing an AU version of Desperate Endeavor could be a standalone from RA, since it's a prequel, and it was hot and sticky and I just wanted to do it, so there..

The question, of course, is suppose the astronauts launch the shuttle and SG-1 isn't there to save the day. And so they have to try and assault two Goa'uld ha'taks with just little ole them. Heh. I should mention that this is a rather dark fic, way more so than my usual.

It's currently off for a beta- yeah, I do occasionally ask for beta help, though I more often work without. But hopefully it'll be back and ready to post sometime soon..
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