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An English Sort of Dinner

So this evening, I was contemplating another serving of the stew I had for lunch, and thinking it really needed to be more interesting. So I mixed up some dough and made pasties (think Cornish, not striptease!). And if I'm eating pasties for dinner, the obvious beverage was a bottle of the lovely English-style hard cider made at a local orchard. Yum! When a leftover isn't just a leftover!

The cat isn't eating leftovers or anything else this evening. She's going into the shop in the morning for a tune up (okay, in to see the vet to have a bad tooth pulled, poor baby!), and isn't supposed to have anything to eat from 6 pm on. Fortunately I got her to eat a pretty good meal before the time limit, but she's clearly puzzled by the mysterious absence of the food dish. I'm expecting that we'll hear a lot of loud Siamese complaints overnight. At the moment, she's been distracted by toasting in front of the woodstove with my husband, which seems quite pleasurable for both of them.

And I'm finishing up a class project and (dare I say it?) writing just a bit of fic. Assuming I don't fall asleep first. There are certain hazards attached to drinking alcohol with dinner when you get up before 6 am.

And only two more work days left in the week. :) :) :) I can hardly wait! (It's the US Thanksgiving holiday- a four day weekend.)
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