redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

House Pictures

Sorry, no, I still haven't managed to see the show. I'm talking about my house, the construction project I've been mentioning off and on for the last year. I've finally found a few minutes to throw up some pictures. ***WARNING***If you're subject to library envy, you may not want to follow the link. I'm just sayin'. Basically, the contractor built everything. We painted, stained woodwork, did some of the finish carpentry and all the built-in bookcases.

We're still decompressing from the huge schedule crunch- this is the first totally free weekend for me in literally *months*. I slept late. Ate warm cereal with raisins and apples and cinnamon for lunch. Hung out in the library reading. Bothered the cat. Hung out and read some more. Took a leisurely walk with my husband. Messed around on the computer finishing the web page and organizing photos.

This is a summary web page, FWIW. If anyone really wants to see the pictures taken during the construction (which aren't all up yet, but hopefully will be by tomorrow), give me an email addy and I'll send you a link.
Tags: construction
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