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The party is over and nobody died...

You think I'm joking right?

The whole house party started off Wed with me departing work to pick up my husband's aunt at the airport. So far, so good. In the middle of the night, she started having trouble breathing. We called 911 and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance at 3 am. Fortunately she responded to treatment in emergency, as they were minutes away from having her intubated. At 5 am, she was admitted to ICU and we finally went home. As it turns out, she has pneumonia. They let her out of ICU the next day, but she wasn't released from the hospital until today. A really miserable vacation for her- she missed the whole party. But she's feeling much better, and will have a couple of days to hang out before she flies home.

On the plus side, I'm quite pleased with the uses to which the city puts our tax dollars- the emergency service response was excellent- fast and competent.

Fortunately that turned out to be the only awful thing to happen- the weather sucked, a bunch of people canceled. But lots of people came, everyone seemed to have a good time, the houseguests managed to discuss politics without bloodshed (I did threaten to make them debate in limerick at one point). The musical entertainment was excellent and well-received. The food was good. The house and our carpentry thereof was widely admired. We finished the evening with a musical jam session- lots of group singing and fun music. We got to see hordes of people that we haven't seen in ages. It was a very nice party.

Now we're feeling a bit stunned- for the first time in nearly a year, we aren't facing a deadline. We have the day off tomorrow, and only a couple of guests left. Everyone's hanging out, chatting, eating leftovers and occasionally bothering the cat. (The cat thinks that people sitting around talking to her is a *lot* nicer than people rushing back and forth with noisy tools! Yep, that's her in the icon.)

This week, I have homework but otherwise plan to relax, read a book, check out the latest fic recs and generally take a breather. Whew! Also, my friends-with-cable brought me a pile of videos, so I might even start to get caught up on Stargate!
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