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Political philosophy 101

My mom forwarded this story that a friend of hers was telling about her grandson- I thought it was hysterical, and figured I'd post it for anyone who needs a giggle today :).

She wrote:
Since it's coming close to voting time, I thought I'd pass on some words of wisdom from my 9-year old grandson, who may have a future as a political consultant. Just so you know how to pick a good candidate!

I picked up Alexander from 4th grade at noon because he had thrown up at school during lunch. While I was waiting in the office I picked up our local paper, the "Palmetto Bay Times". The paper had caught my eye because on the front page were pictures of the two people who are in a run-off election for the city council. One was a man and the other a woman. I don't know anything about either one except that the guy had actually come to our door the previous Saturday, to drum up support.
After we got the preliminaries out of the way ("How are you feeling", "not so good", etc.) I showed Alexander the pictures.
"Who would you vote for?" I asked.
"I dunno," he said. "It depends on their ideas."
"Good answer," I said.
"Their ideas are important," he said, "not how they look."
"That's an even better answer," I said.
"For example if his idea is to create a machine that shoots poop from the sky, that's not so good," he explained.
I was speechless.
"And if her idea was to invent a shrink ray..." my son continued, "That would be really useful. Imagine finding out how ants work. That would be great. A shrink ray would be a better idea than machine that shoots poop from the sky."
I had to agree on that one.
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