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Fic: Travelers Return

And Eep! I was nearly so glazed I forgot what day it is was yesterday! Belated Happy Birthday, aurora_novarum!

And here's the latest released zine fic, Travelers Return.

I keep coming back to the Serpent's Lair arc, and I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it's that it made a big impression when I first saw it- big enough to inspire me to write my first Stargate fic (and first fanfic in *years*). And perhaps it's that saving the world and surviving against unbelievable odds was still so bright-shiny-new in Stargate canon.

And of course I keep finding resonances in the storylines where the events of one episode illuminate others. Like many stories, this started with an idea at the intersection of canon ponderings. I wanted to do a different viewpoint of Serpent's Lair. Jack and Daniel have been done to death, and I couldn't think of anything new I could say there. And I kept wondering about Sam- when did Sam Carter of SG-1 become more important to her than Captain Carter of the USAF? It could have been Singularity- but that was more about Sam as a person. After thinking about it, I finally pegged Sam's watershed moment at the end of Season 1.

So this is a bit off the beaten path for me. Sam's viewpoint. First person. And *almost* a Christmas story. Huh. Next thing y'know, I'll write something with marshmellow animals. Wait. Aurora already did that...

Dang, and here I thought I had no profound thoughts today!
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