redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Why programming is more fun than carpentry...

A) The Great and Powerful Undo Key
B) If it all goes pear-shaped beyond the vast power of the Mighty Undo Key to fix- you just fix the problem, recompile and try again.
C) No splinters.
D) No sawdust.
E) If you hit your thumb with a computer key, it's painless. Hammers, not so much.
F) No paint or stain to splatter. Also no brushes to wash. Again and again.
G) No waiting for paint or stain to dry.
H) Programming can be done anytime-with headphones if necessary. Carpentry has to wait until the s.o. is not trying to sleep.
I) The tools you need are conveniently available on your desktop. As opposed to in the kitchen, the basement, the car, the deck, the upstairs, and 'I don't know, hon, I swear I had it just a minute ago!'.
J) If you discover you need a piece of software you don't have, you can download it from the internet. A trip to the hardware store is not required.
K) The internet does not close early on Sundays.

And last but not least:
L) Programs can be written sitting on the couch, with a hot drink, a quilt and a cat purring on your ankles. Carpentry is divided between the basement (where the bench tools live) and the upstairs, where all the &^&*#@#!!! things are being installed! (This may not seem like a big deal, but on your fiftieth trip up two flights of stairs, believe me, you'll remark on it!)

And those are my thoughts for the day. What, you wanted profound? On Monday AM, I'm doing well to achieve coherent.
Tags: construction, humor
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