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I've Got a Turtle, and I Know How to Use It!

Well, I'm still futzing with turtles, though I can certainly do the bare minimum required for the programming assignment at this point. However I had to giggle last night... I was saying that Roborally (cool board game with programming elements) was good practice for programming turtles, who respond to similar commands. The only problem was (unlike the game) the turtles don't have weapons.

My husband, (a software engineer), said, "Oh, I could fix that!"

And he really could! We may have to do this at some point. Just so I can pull up the application in class and watch the expression on the instructor's face *g*.

Ah, well, back to reality.

PS: Has anyone noticed anything *strange* about LJ today? It was only when I saw the update button labeled 'update Captain's log' that I remembered what day it is.. avast ye lubbers! Get yer daggers and cutlasses and prepare to board! This Journal's bound to sack yonder innocent factory! Yes, me hearties, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day!
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