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A big week for Stargate fanfic..

Well, I'm feeling good about stories posted on my site this month.. finally got parts 1 and 2 of the new S1 series (Setting Up House) posted. Of course that runs me out of material that's finished, but the whole story was over 60,000 words (so far) and starting to bog down. Hopefully, whittling it down to manageble chunks will get the whole thing moving. And then to get back to part 2 of the Footsoldiers series.. I'm kind of hoping that part 3 of SUH will be posted this month, but we'll see.

I hadn't intended to use this site much, but it did strike me that it might be a good place to post some rambling thoughts about the stories (not to mention that it'll help keep the author's notes to a manageable length..

So the impetus for this series was that I had a bunch of nagging questions about how the SGC got up and running. At the beginning of COTG, we see the gate covered in a dust cloth and getting ready to be shut down for good. And then things just sort of appear- Sam gets a lab, Daniel an office, they start going on missions. So I wanted to explore that, and I also had a bunch of questions I wanted to resolve.

Part 1 tackles the following:
1) Why is there a fully equipped infirmary in a facility that's nearly shut down?
2) How come they have SGC patches already on the first mission to Chulak?
3) How was Hammond persuaded to let Daniel go to Chulak, anyway?

Part 2 goes on to find out:
1) Who decided how Teal'c's name is spelled in English?
2) When did Samuels leave?
3) Did Daniel ever get any sleep in this episode?
4) How does Daniel get his office?

The series is planned to run from COTG through Fire and Water- which I felt thematically was the settling-in phase for the SGC (and I had to find *somewhere* to stop..!) We'll just have to see if the plan survives contact with the enemy!
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