redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Disturbing dreams..

So the other night, I was talking with friends about comparative religion, and how various faiths regard the afterlife. And then I had this dream:

I'm sitting in the basement. It's dim and not too clean. I'm gathering up the slippery souls of the departed, and sewing them into laundry bags, so I can clean them up a bit before they move on. A little bleach would do wonders for this one... Cold water or hot?

And then I half-woke up, said, wow, that's odd, and then dozed back into the dream again for a couple more repeats before I finally got up. And someday, I have to use this in a story, because it's just too weird not to. And I haven't been able to forget it (unusually- most of the time I can't retain them past waking). But there was an obvious reason to think of it tonight...I think the washing machine just stopped!
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