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Not just one new fic! TWO new fics!

*Explosion of fireworks, cheering multitudes, bursts of confetti*

After a moderately sucky day, I blew off all the chores I should have done and dang well finished a fic! Whee! And then in between posting it to my site and running over to LJ to tell everyone about it, I was reminded of another teensy little episode tag I've been meaning to write for ages. So I stopped right there, wrote it, coded it and posted it. So there! (Take that, sucky day!)

The small fic is an episode tag for Avatar, called Victorious. Teal'c figures out why he had such trouble in the game. Warm fuzzies abound. Okay, keep in mind I was pretty tired by the time I wrote this (I may have sublimated a few desires of my own, here).

And the bigger one, is something I've had sitting around since I first saw Prototype. Lexa Doig did a great job in that episode, despite having relatively few actual lines. In fact in one pivotal scene, her face was very eloquent. I just had to write her view of the episode. Story title is Do No Harm

As always, these are GEN. Victorious is G, Do No Harm PG.

So- in other news, Real Life is still quite intrusive, and heaven knows when the next update will be. It's nothing bad- major house renovations, mostly, and work stuff, but it is time-consuming. So. Now I need to sign off and go get a little sleep. Five-thirty comes so danged early!
Tags: fic
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