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Fic recs

While I was crawling around under the deck roundly cursing the pool hardware, my friend Aelfgyfu has been polishing up her latest pair of stories and has just posted them online. In her own words:

"A Time for Killing" retells the events of "Menace" from a crucial point of view (yes, you'll see whose pretty darned quickly):

". . . and a Time for Healing" follows up, this time adopting Janet's point of view for the aftermath of "Menace":

Both stories:
Gen. Drama, missing scenes, hurt/comfort (well, "A Time for Killing"
may stretch the definition of "hurt/comfort" a touch)
PG-13 (mild language)

The first has a *very* unusual point of view, and a remarkable one that illuminates several of the finer points of the episode. And the second gives us a lovely portrait of Janet in her personal role as friend as well as in her professional one. By all means, check them out!
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