redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Fan awards- so many fics, so few relevant categories-

Many thanks to the kind folks who nominated an astounding nine of my fics in the Stargate Fan Awards. I am very pleased and flattered.

But dang it, what's this rule about one fic per category? They're all missing scenes!

Well, okay, a few of them did fall naturally into other categories. But I did have to drop one fic from the list because I didn't have a unique category for it. At least not one that made any sense!

So now I have them all categorized, I'm curious to see what else is on the ballot. I already know a couple-betacandy and aurora_novarum also have episode related fics (that I adore!) nominated. Good luck to my fellow nominees- ultimately, all our fics will be seen by more people because of the awards. And finding fun new authors to read is the real prize!
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