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Sometimes, I Wonder About My Brain

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was watching television with my parents. The show was some current show I don't watch (and don't recall the name of (and which probably doesn't exist IRL)), but two of the guest characters for the episode were MacGyver and Stringfellow Hawk (remember Airwolf?) . The bad guys were after Hawk, but didn't know him by sight, so they grabbed MacGyver and another guy instead. And the other guy gets hit in the head and has a depressed skull fracture. So Mac has to improvise tools for brain surgery in a prison camp. And the guards still think he's Hawk....and then my dad started telling me about this really hot female actor who joins the show in the middle of the third season and I was explaining that I'd want to see the first two seasons on DVD first because I don't like watching things out of order and then I woke up with the theme music from MacGyver playing in my head.


In other news I just broke 25,000 words on my NaNo novel. Yay! I'm running two full days behind, but I've had a long talk with the characters and explained that if they don't start cooperating, I'm going to let them all shoot each other in one gigantic firefight, die horribly, and end this as a short story. I think they are now seeing things my way.
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