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Zine Fics Allowed to Escape- News at Eleven

Happy June 1..

As promised, I'm posting the two released zine fics from last year,

Shades of Oannes, as you might guess from the title is a series of missing scenes and tag for Fire and Water. I'd read so many fics that had Daniel suffering in the aftermath of his experience with Nem. I thought that really the worst was over for Daniel once he got home. His friends, on the other hand.... I'm afraid Jack, Sam and Teal'c were traumatized in the writing of this fic, but it's okay, they get better.

And Rearranging Fate, which is a set of missing scenes for Point of View with (not a tag, that would be shorter!) with an AU novella tacked on the tail. This story really wanted to be a novel, and I bent it to my will with only the greatest of effort. It has already spawned a prequel (Fateful Endeavor), and there will probably be at least one other fic in this universe. Someday.

Anyway- I hope y'all enjoy these half as much as I did writing them.
Tags: fic
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