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Stargate Timeline

So, a few um, weeks, months? ago, aelfgyfu_mead reminded me that I had done a rough timeline of how long various episodes took (and what the weather looks like on Earth), as an aid to myself in figuring out what the date is in Colorado during various Stargate episodes.

So, this is only S1-6, it's pretty rough, and I make no guarantees about accuracy. But I figured I'd throw it out there and see if people wanted to add on to it. (I have not even *tried* to edit this myself since I originally did it- I'd spend hours looking things up and never get around to posting it.)

1928 - Stargate dug up in Giza
1945- Ernest Littlefield goes through the gate.

July 8, 1965- DJ b. (movie novelization, FIAD, consistent with age given in 1969)
Summer, 1973 - DJ's parents die (movie novelization, consistent with info given in Crystal Skull)
1981 - DJ graduates HS, goes to UCLA (movie novelization)
1995-Stargate movie (takes place >1 year before COTG, assume at least 14 mo.- puts date late in '95)
101 COTG starts (~Feb 6-7 Apophis' visit, Feb 9 Daniel's return)
2/10/97 - rescue mission in COTG as mentioned in Politics.
102 Enemy within (1-2 days)
103 Emancipation implies several missions since Enemy Within

104 Broca Divide (month is mentioned in Politics)
105 The First Commandment
106 Cold Lazarus late spring/ summer
107 The Nox (it is mentioned that 19 planets have been visited - SGC or SG-1?)
108 Brief Candle- <~1 week, O'Neill needs time after to recover?)
109 Thor's Hammer

110 Torment of Tantalus (Catherine says Daniel has been back 6 mo, July is 6 mo from early Feb)
111 Bloodlines
112 Fire and Water- summer 1 week
113 Hathor- several days
114 Singularity implied to be summer/fall
115 Cor-ai (2-3 days)
116 Enigma (2-3 days, poss a week)
117 Solitudes- implied to be summer in Antartica (People can travel there. abyssinia4077 says this means it probably cannot happen earlier than late November.) - approaching winter in CO, O'Neill needs 6-10 weeks recovery- this probably pushes the remaining eps from S1 into early 1998 with O'Neill recovering from broken bones.)
118 Tin Man (2 days)
119 There But For the Grace of God (1 day)
120 Politics (1-3 days)
121 Within the Serpent's Grasp (1 day) Assume takes place Dec/Jan.
201 The Serpent's Lair (1 day)

202 In the Line of Duty (a few days, Sam needs 1-2 weeks recovery)
203 Prisoners (a few days)
204 The Gamekeeper (1 day)
205 Need (~2 weeks on planet, prob 2-3 week recovery for Daniel)
206 Thor's Chariot (a couple of days)
207 Message in a Bottle (2 days)
208 Family (2-3 days)
209 Secrets (2-3 days)
210 Bane - Summer (Ally says she's out of school, which makes it sometime late June-Aug. Couple of days, Teal'c prob needs a week or two recovery. )
211 The Tokra part 1 temperate weather
212 The Tokra part 2
213 Spirits
214 Touchstone temperate weather in Nevada
215 The Fifth Race
216 A Matter of Time temperate weather
217 Holiday weather is still temperate- September?
218 Serpent's Song
219 One False Step
220 Show and Tell
221 1969 (August during episode, probably late fall in present day)
222 Out of Mind

301 Into the Fire (Teal'c is unconscious for 3 weeks before episode,
302Seth- weather is cold in Northwest - prob Feb
303Fair Game
305Learning Curve (temperate weather, school is in session, prob April/May)
306Point of View
307Deadman Switch
309Rules of Engagement
310Forever in a Day (temperate weather, probably summer)
311Past and Present
312Jolinar's Memories
313The Devil You Know
317A Hundred Days (3+ months)
318Shades of Grey (1-2 weeks)
319New Ground (1 day)
320Maternal Instinct (1 day)
321Crystal Skull (At least 3 days, more likely 5)
322Nemesis (2 days for episode, 9 days to install new stargate)

401 Small Victories
402 The Other Side
403Upgrades (2-3 days, cold enough everyone's wearing jackets)
405Divide and Conquer
406Window of Opportunity (3-4 mo actual for people not trapped in time loop, 1 day in timeline)
407Watergate (snowy and cold in Siberia) 1 day
408The First Ones 2 days
409Scorched Earth 2 days
410Beneath the Surface 1 week
411Point of No Return 2-3 days
412Tangent 2-3 days
413The Curse (summery in Chicago) 3-4 days
414Serpent's Venom 1-2 days
415Chain Reaction (~1 week? Temperate weather)
4162010 none
417Absolute Power 1-2 days
418The Light (cold outside- Novemberish?) D on planet 1 week, 2 day episode, 2-3 weeks recovery
419Prodigy 2-3 days?
420Entity 2 days, Sam needs a week recovery?
421Double Jeapardy 2-3 days

501 Enemies
502Ascension (temperate weather)
503The Fifth Man
504Red Sky
505Rite of Passage (temperate weather) Cassie's birthday
506Beast of Burden
507The Tomb
508Between Two Fires
510Desperate Measures (Temperate weather)
511Wormhole X-treme (Temperate weather)
512Proving Ground (Temperate weather)
51348 Hours (2 days)
515Last Stand
516Failsafe (1 week)
517The Warrior
518Menace (2-3 days)
519The Sentinel (The episode takes a day or so, but if Daniel broke a bone in Menace, it's approximately 8 weeks (assuming 6 weeks to heal, 2 weeks PT before he's cleared for offworld travel) from the prior episode.)
520Meridian (3-4 days)
521Revelations (~2 days)

601 Redemption 1 (3 months after Meridian)
602Redemption 2
604Frozen (~1 week)
605Nightwalkers (2-3 days) people wear coats on Pacific coast
606Abyss (2-3 days)
607Shadow Play (a few days)
608The Other Guys (a few days)
610The Cure
611Prometheus (temperate weather)
612Unnatural Selection
613Sight Unseen (temperate weather)
614Smoke and Mirrors Jack goes fishing- probably early summer (a week)
615Paradise Lost (a month)
616Metamorphosis (1-2 days)
617Disclosure (1 day)
618Forsaken (1 day)
619The Changeling (1 day)
620Memento (a week)
621Prophecy (a few days-a week)
622Full Circle (1 day)
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