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My Computer is Cooler!

This is my life for the last few months:

"Daniel slid down the hillside on the seat of his trousers, keeping his head down and scrabbling in the dimness for something, anything he could use as a weapon. Another staff weapon blast scorched closely overhead and Daniel ducked to avoid the hail of rock splinters that flew from the boulder it hit. He hadn't seen Teal'c since they'd come through the gate-"

Wait? Is that the computer fan? Hasn't it been on for a while now? Hmm, better check the underside of the computer- damn, that's awfully hot. I'd better shut down and let it cool off...drat!!

And then I start doing something else and next thing I know it's past time for bed and tomorrow is work and it's yet *another* day I haven't written much of anything. Gah.

Anyway, that's what most of the summer has been like, ever since the hot spell in June when I kept having random incidences of the computer overheating and shutting down. No warning. No option to save anything. Not even a Blue Screen of Death. The whole thing just shuts off and you don't know until you've let it cool down and try switching it on whether it's going to come back at all*. When it does come back, you're so relieved you almost forget that you lost everything you were working on at the time.

Anyway, I wasted several weeks futzing around with fans and putting more clearance under the computer, but nothing really seemed to do the job. Finally when I came back from vacation I ordered a purpose-built laptop cooler. It came yesterday. Aluminum. Barely audible. Blows air directly into the computer intake. The computer stays at room temperature, even after several hours.

I love it! I can read the ficathon fics I've missed! I can write! I'm thinking NaNoWriMo! I'm....probably way too ambitious, since that pesky work thing still expects me to show up and well, work. And I have a huge list of computer-intensive projects not all of which are writing. But at least I can use the computer without worrying about checking for hot spots every five minutes. Whew!

And of course the scariest bit was that heat shortens the life of the chips and by extension the computer. Which I'd really rather not have to replace for a couple more years.
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