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And so they've just posted the winners for the Stargate Fan Awards!

And I am thrilled to bits to see my flist winning:

abyssinia4077 for Preserve Your Memories
aelfgyfu_mead for My Dinner with Vala
sg_fignewton for The Importance of Past and Future

(There are probably more of you, I only had time to glance down the SG-1 list.)

I also won for Friendly Fire, Better to Light a Candle, and Performance Reviews/Training Exercises. Wow! Thank you!

Congratulations to the winners and all the nominees, thanks awfully to everyone who voted, and to the awards team for running this thing (according to the notice, "17,000 votes cast by over 3000 people for some 2500 nominations in a total of 276 categories" - holy cow, this thing has gotten big!).

And. Three posts in a week? Did someone say something about an apocalypse?
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