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Hammond was wautubg fir tgen ib tge rano

The cat will never make a writer, I fear. She's a terrible typist, (as witness the title of this post... though strictly speaking that's me trying to type with a cat lying on the keyboard).

It has been a busy few weeks- first work ate my life, then unexpected houseguestage happened (there was frantic cleaning), and family commitments meant I got ridiculously little sleep this weekend. Tonight I blew off karate practice so I could eat a slab of cow and get to bed early.

I also picked up The Ark of Truth but I'm not going to try and watch it tonight- I had hoped to finish drafting the last scene of a fic, but it's proving rahehr difcult. Siillu cat.

I'm babbling, and the cat is drooling on my hand. G'night, all.
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