redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Jaffa recycling?

Hi there [pops head out of hole, blinks dazedly at the sky, looks around]-

The attack of Real Life is underway as expected (among other things, I have an infestation of carpenters.. unlike carpenter ants, which you pay money to get rid of.. with carpenters, you have to wave money to lure them into residence. Aren't major home renovations fun!)

Anyway, having limited time to write, naturally I've stalled out on everything in progress and started three new fics. So, that brings me to the question of the hour:

In the season 9 closer Camelot, were any of the Jaffa who appear people we've seen in earlier episodes? Besides Cha'ra - him I know about.

If anybody knows and can tell, thank you! The fic context...

Teal'c stood on the bridge of the Odyssey. Mitchell and Daniel had returned to Camelot, to look for the holy grail. Colonel Carter was best utilized in trying to find a way to disrupt the supergate. Teal'c looked thoughtfully at the immense gate on the viewscreen. It was time for a crazy new idea, in classic SG-1 style. This time, it seemed it was his turn to think 'outside the box'.

Teal'c wished O'Neill were here.
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