redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Did you hear the earshattering "SQUEEEE!"?

Just saw the announcement that Stargatefan is accepting new submissions again! Whee! For *both* SG-1 and Atlantis!

Stargatefan was the first archive I really read from, and the first I submitted fic to. When I was catching up on the first six seasons of SG-1, I'd watch an episode, and then use Stargatefan's handy 'fic by episode' page to read a bunch of related fic (whilst avoiding spoilers). It's been very sad to see the site languish while Yum@ was ill. Great to see both the site coming back, and her well enough to work on it.

What a lovely piece of news for the new year :)!

(Happy New Year btw!)
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