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Good heavens! March. Egad. I can't believe it was December when I last posted.

Well, in writing news, my zine submission (I think!) made the deadline. Title is "Time Out Of Mind", and it's a little POV piece for Into the Fire/Out of Mind. It completely bugged me that one of Daniel's 'flashbacks' in the show was a scene from Hathor when he wasn't actually present. It should have been Jack's flashback- it's the one where she turns him into a Jaffa. So I figured out a way to get Daniel into that scene offcamera. And then the other thing that bugged me is that he really doesn't have a lot to do.. so suppose there was something else going on. Like maybe Daniel really didn't remember a lot of what happened during Hathor, at least until a bunch of ersatz medical personnel hooked him up to a Tok'ra memory device..

Anyway, a certain amount of whumping ensues, all in line with canon of course.

I'll post zine information when I get to it. Web release will probably be June 2007. And then I need to figure out how to get my new computer to accept email. I've been reading via the web access, but my mail account is a dialup. I've got it dialing, acknowledging another computer on the other side, offering the secret handshake.. but it won't establish a connection. Sigh. Computers.

I am starting to feel a slight tug of gravity from the black hole of Real Life looming up ahead. I'll probably be dropping off the net and writing nothing between mid-April and mid-July. Should be back after that. And I'll see if I can't post *something* to the site before that happens.
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