redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

This is Getting A Little Ridiculous

Dear Snow,

I realize that in the past, I have professed affection, and even passion for your fluffy white person. And I must admit, I was happy to see you spread across the landscape, and brighten up the dark and often dreary days of December. The blast of cold weather that prevented you from leaving was a nice bonus, although possibly slight overkill. The second storm and the prospect of snow for the holidays was still welcome, despite any possibly intemperate words I may have voiced during the hellish three hour drive home from work last Thursday and subsequent two hours of shoveling. By the Sunday storm (dumping another ten inches), I must say I was starting to feel like you have overdone it a tad.

This morning, brushing the six inches of 'flurries' off the top of my car before work this morning, I am starting to feel virulent hatred concerned that you may be overexerting yourself. There is still a lot of winter coming, there is no need to bury us quite this early. I would also like to mention the issue of snow on roadways- this is very inconvenient during the commuting hours. Kindly arrange for future snowfall to begin in the evening, and end several hours before the morning commute so that crews have time to clear the roads. Falling only on open fields and yards, while leaving roads and driveways bare, is an acceptable alternative, though possibly more difficult to arrange. Daytime snowfall on the weekend is acceptable.

Also, a break in the weather until after I have finished buying a snowblowerholiday shopping would be much appreciated. You have already put me severely behind schedule and this is causing a degree of crankiness incompatible with the holiday spirit.

If you will keep these suggestions in mind, I am sure I will continue to be able to sign myself

Affectionately yours,
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