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It's 7:41 AM in Honolulu....

...or more crucially, it was midnight in Honolulu when I got up this morning at home to go back to work after returning from Hawai'i yesterday. Whew.

Ten days, three islands, seven plane flights, five hotels and four rental cars. We went to the beach, tried snorkeling for the first time, hiked in volcanoes and rainforests, visited museums and went to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor (WWII historical site). We had a fabulous time.

And we're both glad to be home. The cat is glad we're home too- she's apparently decided that sitting on my husband more or less continuously is the best way to keep him from going anywhere. It was working very well for her when I left them cuddled up in bed this morning...

So I've done laundry, dealt with 660 personal emails, am currently conducting triage on work disasters, and sincerely hope that groceries are being acquired by my well-rested s.o. Home sweet h.

More later, including photos.
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