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And I Only Wish I Could Take the Credit!

So last year, I wanted people to nominate all things I liked.  And this year I got my wish!  Congrats to
abyssinia4077janedavitt, sg_fignewton , and niamaea on their nominations.  And I can't take any credit!  Wah!  Because I was completely lame and did not get around to nominating anything at all.   So, if the universe is still listening, there are some other people on my flist that deserved to have been nominated too.  (And here's hoping they were and just haven't posted about it yet!)

And thank you, whoever you were who actually had your act together and nominated those stories of mine :)!  I am immensely flattered,and pleased that we're all going to have the chance to air our fics again to a broader audience. 

So- the stories of mine that were nominated were:
Better to Light a Candle
Friendly Fire
Performance Reviews
Training Exercises

Can you see my dilemma?!  All of them are Daniel-centric, four are episode-related!  I did a bunch of shuffling things around trying to get them into different categories (poor abused drama!).   And I asked if the last two could just be combined in one nomination, since they're sort of a series.  Thus fitting neatly into Fanfic/Gen/Daniel/Humor.    But still.  So Absolute got stuck in Drama, Light a Candle got Angst, and that left Episode-Related for Friendly Fire. 

Clearly I need to write more stories centered on other characters....
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