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Because Loriel Asked.

Radio Times Greatest Sci-fi TV Shows Of All Time

loriel_eris  asked: strike if you hated; bold if you've seen them all; italicise if you've seen more than one whole episode:


  1. Red Dwarf
  2. The X-Files
  3. Lost
  4. Life on Mars  (not yet, I've got the first few on tape)
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  6. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  7. Stargate SG-1
  8. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  9. Star Trek (original series)
  10. Quantum Leap
  11. Heroes
  12. Blake's 7
  13. Twin Peaks
  14. V
  15. Torchwood (not yet- I have the first 2 on tape)
  16. Babylon 5
  17. The Prisoner
  18. Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
  19. Thunderbirds
  20. Lost in Space
  21. Farscape
  22. Batman
  23. The Incredible Hulk
  24. The Six Million Dollar Man
  25. Wonder Woman
  26. Sapphire & Steel
  27. The Avengers
  28. The Twilight Zone
  29. Primeval
  30. Battlestar Galactica (1970s)
  31. Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman
  32. Space: 1999
  33. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
  34. Quatermass (four series)
  35. UFO
  36. Sliders
  37. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  38. Survivors
  39. Doomwatch
  40. Land of the Giants
  41. The 4400
  42. Millennium
  43. Jekyll
  44. The Outer Limits
  45. Xena: Warrior Princess
  46. The Time Tunnel
  47. The Invisible Man (1984)
  48. Adam Adamant Lives
  49. Alien Nation
  50. A for Andromeda

What?  What?!

They missed:

Star Cops (1984, Brit Mystery-SF)  And completely awesome!

Earth: Final Conflict

War of the Worlds (um, the '80s version, I think.  Which was awful but had the best series revamp ever.  After the ghastly first season, the alien invaders are recalled by their superiors, executed for incompetence and replaced by a whole new cast of villains…

I surprise myself- I'd seen more of those than I thought I had....  (Increased geekiness quotient!)
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