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SGA Fic Rec: Every Day by Aelfgyfu

Okay, I had to stop and find an SGA icon for this...

So this is Aelfgyfu's latest, which follows up a couple of S3 episodes.

I'm not using the original blurb which is potentially spoilery.

Every Day by Aelfgyfu gives us a view of Rodney coping - or not coping- with the events of S3. He tells Kate Heightmeyer he's dealing with things. She's not really convinced.

This gives us a good look, both of Rodney being Rodneyish, but also a nice insight into Kate, who struggles with trying to treat people who are also her friends- and help them to cope with the same events and failures she has to deal with herself.

Epilogue to Sunday and Submersion, with other spoilers from the Tao of Rodney.
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