redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Well, I'm still struggling to find the time to finish even one new story, but fortunately others have been busy.

Please do go check out Aelfgyfu's excellent new fic- it's a charming story set before Beachhead, with Cam still struggling to put his team together, Daniel and Vala bickering, and Teal'c reserving judgement on Cam while being a friend to Daniel.. Some really lovely scenes with Mitchell trying to understand his new team; some terrific Daniel scenes, as he tries to discourage Cam's admiration. And all wrapped up in an actual story, with some great OCs and a very believable offworld dilemma. I wish I'd written it :).

It's called Diplomacy, and you can find the author's site at Aelfgyfu's Mead Hall

And look for something from me later this month, really and truly.. Going from only working part time to working both a full-time and a part time job has kind of taken me off the map ficwise, but I have been plugging away in what spare time remains and I plan to squeeze in some writing time over the holidays.

Tags: recs
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