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Unending. Eh.

So, I'm posting my own take before I read everyone elses'.   Behind a cut for spoilers:

Gotta say- I wasn't expecting much, and I was still disappointed.

This would have been a weak episode for the middle of the season. For the series ender? You gotta be kidding me.

First- I don't hate ships.  I love ships.  I love it that our guys have started to get ahead of the technology curve.  But the last show?  Should have used the gate.  I mean, ::points to title of show::  GATE, guys.  That's what we fell in love with. 

The Asgard- that was about as lame an exit for an ally as they've done yet. At least with the Tok'ra, they hinted at it in a bunch of episodes before they split off and disappeared.

There were various charactery moments that were good.

Vala:  "Being stuck on this ship is worse than being stuck at the SGC. I-I-I tell you, the last time I was this bored, I took hostages!"

Daniel:  "I was there."

Vala  "Are you hearing things?"

Teal'c:  "I am trying not to."
Mitchell:  "See what we need is, we need Superman to fly around the ship really, really fast."

Sam:  "Oh, if you only knew how ridiculous that was."

Mitchell:  "No, it only sounds ridiculous 'til you hear yourself say "I am trapped on a spaceship stuck in a time dilation field."


In the end? I'm with Mitchell: Points to Stargate- "That is how we're supposed to travel light years across the galaxy to other planets."


So- on to the movies. 

I actually liked the Atlantis closer quite a lot better., even though I've never really gotten to love the Atlantis characters the way I do SG-1.   And definitely, definitely, John/Atlantis is my OTP.  *sighs*
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