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New fic: Eve of Destruction

On a personal note- this is the first of several stories I'm trying to finish up and post before I get too sucked into my new job. The new job means I'm going to be having a lot less time to write. However, it does forestall the eventual consequences of prolonged unemployment. Which would interfere with writing a lot more than just having a normal work schedule, really it would…

So, here I am returning yet again to the S1 end/S2 beginning arc, which has inspired so much fic of all sorts. The fic is Eve of Destruction – a series of missing scenes from Ferretti's POV for TBFTGOG, Politics, Within the Serpent's Grasp, and Serpent's Lair.

I've always liked Ferretti and felt he was one of the more neglected minor characters. We see him for the last time in the series at the end of S1, and there's no explanation given for why he's no longer commanding SG-2 the next time we see them. I like the idea of him staying around, and in my version of the Stargate universe, he's still at the SGC in S8, so he had to be doing something all this time. I'm positing that he had a serious injury that took him out of the picture for awhile, and he wound up serving on a different team as a result.

Other reasons to write this- I've always been curious about the people who were evacuated to the Alpha Site.. we never hear any more about them. I also had to wonder about the SGC personnel who were evacuated.. how must they have felt- leaving their families in the face of an alien invasion. And I wanted to get a snapshot of how the different SGC people cope with the secrecy. A lot of the families have to know that 'Deep Space Radar Telemetry' is a load of hooey.. particularly when their family members come home injured. It was also fun to write a character whose home life is not tragic and screwed up.. but trying to have a normal life while working at the SGC has to present its own challenges.

And lastly- it was a small thing, but I wanted to know why we didn't see Ferretti and Fraiser at the welcome-back celebration at the end of Serpent's Lair.
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