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More Weird Weather

So, a week and a half ago, I was enjoying the best spring skiing I've ever seen in New England on 8 inches of fresh powder. 

Today (the 111th running of the Boston Marathon), we have winds gusting to 50 mph and driving rain.  (Okay the chances of me running a marathon were only slightly greater than the chances that I would master personal teleportation, but today?  Aiee!)

My power at home went off about ten minutes before I left for work.  All the traffic lights were dead.  Fortunately not much traffic because of the Patriot's Day holiday. (It's a Massachusetts thing, don't ask.  Even other New Englanders don't get it.  Except that if you have to drive within ten miles of the marathon route, you want to take the day off on general prinicples.)

Work is a sea of buckets- all the hoods that are supposed to keep rain out of the roof hatches on the factory have blown off (ripping bolts out of the roof), so we're pretty much sailing paper boats around the office.  

And it's April 16th.  I've yet to see a daffodil or  forsythia blossom in my yard.  Or even leaves on anything (though I did spot a few optimists in Cambridge over the weekend.)  And the driving rain yesterday kept switching between rain and enormous soggy snowflakes.

Hey, at least my taxes are done...

Other than that- somebody please call me when spring gets here? 
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