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Mitten Pattern

Okay, to some of you this will seem like a complete non sequitur- but I was chatting with rahaeli_tp  about mittens, and she was interested in seeing my pattern, so I'm posting it here.  (On my first attempt to post this, LJ ate the whole entry, so let's try this again!)

So, here are the finished mittens:
finished mittens

And here's a pair that I'm still working on:
unfinished mittens

And here's the pattern- the ideal yarn for these is actually bulkie, because it knits up incredibly fast, but that would fail to satisfy the primary objective- getting rid of all that danged worsted weight acrylic!

Adult Mittens

Materials:  4 oz knitting worsted (or bulkie yarn), #8 needles  
If using worsted, use 2 strands of yarn throughout.

Right mitten:  Starting at cuff, cast on 30 stitches and work in ribbing k1, p1 for 2 1/2 inches.   Then work in stockinette stitch for 6 rows. 

Thumb increase:  Always done in knit row. 
1st inc: K15, inc, K1, inc,  K12.  P across next row.
2nd inc:  K15, inc, K3, inc, K12.  P across next row.
3rd inc: K15, inc, K5, inc, K12.  P across next row.
Continue increases until there are 9 stitches between the increase stitches.  P across next row.

Thumb separation:
K16, place on stitch holder.  K11 stitches, leave on needle.  Place remaining stitches on stitch holder. 
Cast on one stitch, turn and P over 12 stitches.  Cast on 1 stitch (for total of 13 stitches).   Work in stockinette st. on thumb for 2 1/4 inches. 

Thumb decreases:
1st dec:  *K1, K2 tog, repeat from * across row. 
2nd dec.  P2 stitches tog across next row. 

Break yarn, leaving 7 inches.  Draw through remaining stitches and fasten tightly.  Use end to sew up thumb.

Finish Hand:
Place stitches off 1st holder on needle,  pick up and K4 stitches along thumb, K stitches off 2nd stitch holder.  Work on these stitches in stockinette st. until hand measures 4 1/4 inches above thumb. 

1st dec:  *K6, K2 tog, repeat from * across row, end with K1.  P across next row.
2nd dec:  * K5, K2 tog, repeat from * across row.  P across next row.
3rd dec:   *K4, K2 tog, repeat from * across row.  P across next row.
4th dec:   K2 tog across row.  Break yarn.  Draw through stitches and knot tightly.  Use end to sew up side seam. 

For left mitten, Reverse the thumb increases (K12, inc, K1, inc, K15, etc).

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