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Mud Season.... not all bad.

Yesterday, we were up early for an appointment with a tax professional. (FWIW, two jobs, one of them contracting, getting married, your spouse changing states during the year, refinancing and building half a house plus the assortment of savings/401K/IRA and investments? Can make your tax return *very* complicated.)

But the day was sunshiny and warm for this time of year- I was comfortable in just a fleece jacket. And then we went off to the sugar house for a lunch of breakfasty foods all drenched in fresh maple products. I don't know if it's the freshness, or that they use the darker grade of syrup, but it always tastes better at the sugar house! While we were waiting for a table, we watched them boiling- the scent of sugar laden-steam and woodsmoke combined with pine and snowmelt is fantastic.

And then we came home and hung out in the sunny library, and took a walk and went out again for a late dinner of the Mexican persuasion.

Another dusting of snow overnight, but it's sunny again today, so it's nearly all melted. And the days are getting longer. And while I've still got a few things to dig out for taxes and homework to finish, I'm also reading a good book and have a long lazy Sunday afternoon to do it in.

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