redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

Beta request - but not what you think

Would anyone be interested/willing to do a *quick* beta of a Quantum Leap fic?  

A bit over 10,000 words, and I'm mainly looking for spelling/grammar/gross plausibility checks.   It's a standalone story, and not heavily dependant on knowledge of QL canon. 

I'm expecting (hoping!) to be able to send it out late tonight and will need it back by Saturday midday. 

Virtual milk, cookies and warmest thanks if there's someone who'd be able.  

No, I'm not switching fandoms :).    Way back in the mists of antiquity, when the internet was barely a twinkle in Al Gore's eye, I read a lot of print zines- Original Trek (jeez, I blush to even list them!), Dr. Who, Blake's 7, Quantum Leap, KF:TLC... 

Anyway, I started many stories in these fandoms and finished very few.  And then just about the time I got a computer at home so I didn't have to write longhand anymore (I said this was a *long* time ago, right?), I got interested in other things and stopped writing entirely for quite some time, without ever even submitting a story. 

Anyway, this story was one of the rare finished ones.  And now that it's old enough to be out on it's own (not to mention - vote, almost!)  it's being dusted off and given a face-lift and polish up for submission to - what else- a print zine, at long last!

Anyway, it's a fun little action piece, structured to basically be a missing episode.  And I'm rather bemused that it's going to finally see the light of day.  

And darn, I don't have the right icon for this post!  Daniel looking dubious will have to do!

Edit:  Thanks to everyone who volunteered!  I'm all set. 
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