redbyrd_sgfic (redbyrd_sgfic) wrote,

A bit more on SUH3: Whatever It Takes

An alert reader pointed out that Kel-no-reem didn't appear in the series until Holiday, and that Jack seemed surprised to find out about it at the time. And she's absolutely right. I'm quite sure that's when the writers invented it.

The problem is that it makes no sense that Jack wouldn't have known before. Not when they're doing overnight missions, which they are from the beginning (the 48-hour recon is from the scene at the end of Enemy Within). I had to choose between coming up with a reason for Teal'c to pretend he slept the way humans do or put in the meditation earlier.

I think we can safely say that Jack forgot the name 'kel-no-reem' as soon as he heard it, and wasn't especially interested in the why-how details until Holiday, however! He likely just filed 'Teal'c meditates instead of sleeping' in the tactical part of his brain and moved on.
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