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Angels at My Bumper

Well, that was the worst driving weather I've experienced in a while.  After alternating snow and freezing rain all day, it's not surprising it was bad:  an hour-plus of  driving very slowly on the highway with that greasy sideways sway beneath the tires that says one incautious move will start me sliding.    But by the time I left work, traffic was very light, and I made it home with barely a slither.

And then I got home to find a spot for my car already shoveled and J. ready to cook dinner.  My hero!  Forget roses, not having to spend the first hour after I get home shoveling is the best Valentine's Day present I've ever gotten. 

So- I've been meaning to post a review of the latest book,  a fun YA romp.  At about age 16, I realized I was really too old for YA books. And I thought about it for, oh, all of ten minutes, and said, "to heck with being grownup, they're too much fun to give up". You see, in a YA book, you can't have any of the experimental crap you sometimes find in adult writing. There has to be a story, there has to be sense of wonder. Er, did I just admit that? It's market research. Really.

Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

Horowitz doesn't get points for elegant turns of phrase or brilliant characterization or even originality (since he's explicitly rewriting Fleming for the YA market, complete with gadgets). But what he does have is plot, pacing, loads of action and the coolness factor. The pacing is exactly what you'd see in an adult thriller. Dan Brown would recognize all the tricks- that's because they work. The plots are fantastic, but the escapes and tricks are never superhuman.

Ark Angel is the sixth in his Alex Rider spy series. This is a typical entry- a fast-moving thriller with a well-paced plot, evil super-villains, hairsbreadth escapes, and a bang-up finish. The adult reader will spot some holes and perhaps find the writing blunt and unpolished, but it's easy to understand the appeal of this popular series.  

So, I'm curled up at home with the computer, finishing up the beta on aurora_novarum' latest fic and sipping cherry wine (which tastes rather like pie, actually- we have a local orchard that makes amazing fruit wine).

A lovely finish to an annoying day. 
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