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One of Those Days

I went to start the car this morning and - nothing.  A series of rapid clicks but nothing like an engine starting.  

I dragged my husband out of bed and we pushed the car out of the driveway so we could get parked nose-to-nose and hook up jumper cables.  Outdoor temp- 6 degrees F with a stiff breeze.  Brrr.  

After some puzzled searching under the hood of his car (which is new, so we've never done this before with these vehicles), we figured out that *his* battery is in the trunk.  Reverse vehicle, hook up jumper cables.  

Hands too numb to feel, I turn the key.  Clickety-click but still no hint of engine.  

So then we disconnected everything, pushed my car to the side of the road (we had to keep turning the key in the ignition because of the *&^^%#$@ security feature that locks the wheel if the ignition isn't on). 

I called a tow truck, the garage, a car rental place (since my husband and I commute in nearly opposite directions to work), and my insurance, which of course will only cover part of the tow and car rental.   Got to work at 10:45 (instead of 7- really obviates the point of getting up at 5:30).  

At work- well, nothing unusual,  which is to say I have a bunch of things due or overdue to go to customers that I haven't been able to work on, a report from customer service that production probably sent the wrong parts to a customer (which I will have to unravel when the customer discovers this).  A customer who wants us to reissue a bunch of paperwork because he has decided that he wants a different format- retroactively.  And the records are all buried in storage, and it looks like some of it may have been wrong to begin with.  And I'm due to spend the whole afternoon in a training session.   Which is to say, I'm really wishing I'd just called in apathetic.  Sigh.  

The bright side- at least the car stranded me at home instead of somewhere less convenient.  No word from the garage yet, but best guess it's the starter.

Edit:  Definitely the car battery is dead- not surprising, it's original to the car, which is nearly 8 years old.  They're still checking the alternator and starter to see if there are any other problems that need to be fixed. 

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