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August Fics

Well, another busy fic month in August, even if none of them were especially long. I'm still reconstructing the stuff I lost when the laptop died (pause while I hum Taps), but at least I've got the latest chapter of the S1 series, Setting Up House done.

SUH3: Whatever it Takes turns out to be me beating to death another idea that annoys me in Stargate fanfic, to wit, that Daniel is a pacifist. Um, no. First you'd have to kick the movie out of canon, then you'd have to weed out a bunch of episodes.

Truly, Daniel would prefer that shooting not be the first option. But just because he wishes there was another way doesn't mean he won't use violence. In the movie, he takes a gun without protest, and uses it skillfully enough to suggest that it wasn't his first experience (hitting a target- even a large target 15 feet away- isn't actually that easy if you've never fired a weapon before). He never argues about carrying a gun during the series, and expressing non-violent sentiments like not wanting to shoot the first person you see on a new planet.. well, that sounds more sensible than anything else, at least to me.

So, that's not the only thing I'm trying to do.. there's a slew of small bits, a missing scene for Ferretti, a missing scene for Nimzicki's funeral, some nice Teal'c moments and a few other odds and ends I wanted to bring out. This adds more to canon than the first two parts, but hopefully not enough to strangle anyone's disbelief.

Footsoldiers 3 has been up for a few days.. and yes, it even has theme. In this case, Stan and Mario demonstrate that they have learned a Valuable Lesson.. Alien Chicks Always Have Superpowers. Am I wrong here? In addition to Hathor and Lya, there's Anise, Ke'ra, Reese, Vala.. hey I could write any of them up in Champions!!

Publicity went out on Ancient's Gate 8: Legends last week. That has a short fic of mine in it, Travelers Return. It's Serpent's Lair fic- I'd been wanting to do one for a while that was something different than the usual 'everyone angsting because they didn't think of stargates or sarcophagi' thing. Even I was a little surprised it turned out to be Sam's POV and first person, though. And almost-but not quite- a Christmas fic. A bit of a departure from my norm, hopefully folks will buy in.

And last but not least, 1969 Prime-minus-one is up.. a prologue/prequel for my 1969 fic, which was suggested by a reader who wanted to see Hammond flying without a net- how were things different when he didn't know what was coming? A little fun with alternate timelines for me :).

So, for September, I'll hopefully get the next SUH segment out. Footsoldiers is a little more iffy- we've used up all the stuff we've written so far, but it could happen. And then there are a few more things in progress that are moving along in fits and starts. We'll just have to see how it goes.
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