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Book review: Migration

Migration by Julie Czerneda

This is book 2 in the Species Imperative trilogy.  I hadn't rushed out to get it when it first came out because a) the first one was good but not brilliant, b) a friend had warned me it was -if not a cliffhanger- definitely not strongly resolved so I should wait for the third to be out before I started the second and c) I've found Czerneda to be a bit uneven in general.

Example of c)- I picked up her standalone novel In the Company of Others at the library along with Migration, and was partway into the first chapter before I realized I'd already read it.   But I quite liked her Web Shifters trilogy, and she can be counted on for interesting biology (her Real Life occupation) so I am generally still willing to give her work a try. 

This was a bit tougher to get into as it's been some time since I read the first book, but after a slowish start, it picked up fairly well.  Another satisfying chunk of the mysterious alien motives are revealed, more interesting aliens are introduced, minor characters and events from the first story are unexpectedly and satisfyingly proven relevant to good effect.  In general this was much better-put-together than the first story.  I was happy to see somewhat less of the male romantic interest, whom I have found far less plausible than any of the aliens (and when I did, to see him playing a more important role in the plot). 

Altogether, this was an entertaining read, and stronger than I expected as the middle book of a trilogy.  I'm already planning a swift return to the library to grab the third one. 
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