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Negative Stars

Latest book review:

Trouble Magnet by Alan Dean Foster

This is the eleventh book in Foster's Flinx series, and I'll say up front I got it from
the library because I did not expect it to be *good*.  But I started this series when I
was sixteen, and dang it, I do want to know how it ends.  But this is not the book where
I found out.   It is a complete waste of time for anyone not thoroughly familiar with the
series, as it follows the protagonist through a series of encounters designed to showcase
references to previous books, culminating in a completely unforeshadowed deus ex machina. 

I'd have thought an old pro like Foster would be embarrassed to have this published under
his name, but of course several of his previous books have disillusioned me on this account.

I remain glad I didn't actually pay money for this.  But I still want to know how it ends,
drat it. 

Okay, now I have to go write something.  Honestly, the dreck they *print*!    I actually went and reviewed this on Amazon, because it's new, but unfortunately they don't allow you to give it negative stars.
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