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Rec: Better than Revenge by Aelfgyfu

Better than Revenge is a  fascinating look at one of the most-written-about SG-1 episodes- Shades of Grey- from an unusual point of view- Teal'c.    She does a really lovely job of filling in the missing scenes with Hammond, as he backs up Jack's performance with a understated but convincing act of his own, and with the rest of SG-1 as they struggle to accept Jack's departure and adjust to working with Makepeace.   Her followup provides a satisfying sense of closure we didn't get in the episode.  Yet another story I wish I'd written*!

Gen. Drama, angst, some humor. PG-13 (mild language)
Spoilers through "Shades of Grey"

Teal'c stopped. "GeneralHammond, DoctorFrasier has not yet completed all her tests. Perhaps she will find something wrong with Colonel O'Neill." He permitted himself the luxury of retaining that hope. "We cannot allow…."

Hammond shook his head sadly. "I hate to say it, son, but I really don't think she's going to find anything. Sometimes…it all just gets to be too much for some people."

"But GeneralHammond—"

"Teal'c." GeneralHammond looked at Teal'c with a compassion that Teal'c did not care to see in his eyes. He appreciated what Hammond meant, but that look meant something terrible. The last time he had seen that look, they had left O'Neill stranded on a planet suffering catastrophic meteor showers. The time before…. The time before, Teal'c had carried the body of DanielJackson's wife through the Gate as O'Neill and MajorCarter carried their unconscious teammate through on a stretcher.

*Obligatory disclaimer- I did beta this, so I can't be said to be unbiased.

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