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Infinite Universes and Valiant Marines

So, a couple more book reviews, finishing off the reading from my trip and the 'goofing off' time I allocated myself over the weekend.   Which means that pretty much all day tomorrow I need to Do Stuff.   But at least I'm feeling somewhat better slept than I did Friday. 

In other news,  Barnes and Noble has been running a DVD special- buy one, get one free.  Which applies to DVD boxed sets as well.  So we went in looking for the second season of the Jeremy Burke Sherlock Holmes adaptions (which J and I have been watching), but we came out not only with that, but I also picked up S9 of SG-1, S1 of SGA and ordered S2 (the discount applies on preorders, too).  When we pooled our Christmas gift cards, we wound up paying cash for only one of the four sets of DVDs.  Yowza!  Weeks of watching.  And I'll finally be able to get a season 9 fic unstuck (the current draft has a dozen little notes saying things like 'need to look at this scene' ,  'what was Sam doing here?' and 'who fired first?')

Transfinite Man by Colin Kapp

After the last couple of older books I read, this one started very promisingly.  By page 4, I'd met the hero, the bad guy and knew the conflict. By page 10, we'd had a murder, and the hero was hotly pursuing a Clue.  Kapp did get a little tangled up in the various layers of bad guys, and the characterization did not develop as time went on.  It was not ultimately entirely successful- when dealing with guys who have superhuman powers, it's hard to ensure that they aren't so powerful any threat to them is not credible.  Kapp actually does this very
well in a couple of his later books (I'm thinking of Patterns of Chaos and The Chaos Weapon), but it didn't work as well here.  But the story was consistently fast paced, and readable.

A Confederation of Valor by Tanya Huff

This is an omnibus edition of two of her earlier books, Valor's Choice and The Better Part of Valor.  The third book in the trilogy is due out later this year.  Unlike her previous books, these are military SF.  The main character, Torin Kerr, is a sergeant, and we get to see this particular flavor of space Marines through her eyes.  The aliens, both friends and foes are both humorous and plausible, the plot moves along briskly, the action is well drawn. This isn't particularly deep, but if you're looking for lighthearted SFnal flavored action adventure, this is well worth the time. 
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