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Fannishly Cool!

So- the folks who said that the mysterious site upgrade was an anonymous gift turn out to be right. Whoever it was- thank you! I'm astonished and delighted. And must load 96 more icons immediately! *g*

And in other cool stuff- a few months ago, I had some very nice feedback from a teenager in Hungary, who really liked Loose Ends. She asked if I'd mind if she translated it into Hungarian and posted it to her site. I said, "Sure, why not?" And she did! Of course I don't read Hungarian, but it's still cool.

It seems that she and her friends are also making Stargate videos as well. I'm not the best person to comment on videos as I almost never see them, but I thought these were pretty astonishing. If anyone sees them and would like to send feedback, it goes to (wings90 (at) freemail (dot) hu). Her English is excellent, so don't worry about language.

As not infrequently happens, I'm struck by the thought that we're living in science fiction. And hardly anyone seems to notice! A teenager in Hungary can now make vids of a North American television show using technology that didn't even exist 20 years ago, and publish it for people all over the world to see. Yowza!
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