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Signs of Progress!

About two thirds of the gift list - purchased or ingredients purchased (in the case of things to be baked/cooked).

Gifts so far- wrapped and put out of reach of the cat, who is bang alongside of 'unwrapping' (but doesn't see why we have to wait to shred paper!).   The cat in general finds this all Very Interesting.  Especially the peeling-off of price tags.  She adores anything sticky- tries to eat it.   Borders price tags are her absolute favorite.  This makes gift-wrapping rather more challenging than you might expect.  Especially when my husband is laughing too hard to do *anything* helpful!

Bookcase- has last coat of stain on- ready to polyurethane tonight.

Still haven't gotten to the Tomcat/MySequel installations.  Perhaps tonight.

I'm glad we have one more weekend before the actual holiday!

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