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New fic: Breaking New Ground

Just posted the latest fic effort >Breaking New Ground. If you'd like to see the story before the notes.. this is your chance.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this story has been around a while. I wrote the bulk of it in a few days early this year, and then it sat around mostly complete while I tried to figure out why I wasn't happy with it. Eventually, it came up in conversation with Aurora, and I asked her to beta it.

This turned out to be a brilliant decision on my part, because she made loads of useful suggestions (nearly all of which I took verbatim!). But I didn't work on the story again right away because I was trying to finish other things. So it's only this week that I've gone back, added a few scenes, rewritten a few scenes and given it a final polish.

While it's not exactly a *goal* of mine to write every point of view on the show, I do like enjoy taking a look at familiar events through different eyes. And I wanted to give Nyan some more depth, and a chance to react to things that were only sketched in on the show (aided by some excellent acting).

And there also were a lot of things I wanted to know about Bedrosia.. what was the government like? How about the society? How could the research academy of Nyan's description exist in a world with Riegar's security forces? So more than most of my fics, this was a purely SFnal worldbuilding exercise..trying to figure out something plausible that fit what we saw in the show.
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