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Things I have learned (or been reminded of) this week

1. While I *am* anal enough to paint a storage area that no-one but me will ever see, I am not so obsessive that I must first re-level and sand the joint compound. (This came as a bit of a relief.)

2. Polyurethane takes forever to dry when it's cold and damp.

3. When painting a storage area only slightly bigger than you are (but too deep to reach the back of, even with a paint roller), it's damned hard to avoid painting yourself.

4. White-painted elbows look funny.

5. For any given project, assembling the tools will take at *least* n + 1 trips up or down stairs, where n is the number of tools required.

6. The online catalog LibraryThing rocks like an unbelievably awesome rockin' thing. Thanks to beatrice_otter  for the rec!

7. Even when trying to finish carpentry projects, one can catalog a great many books (so far 770) in one weekend. Despite 90% of them being too old to have a barcode-scanner-readable ISBN.

What? Fic? Oh. Um. *runs away*

8. Installing doors is still an order of magnitude more annoying than building them.

9. Hitting myself with a hammer still hurts.

And LJ doesn't want to let me post pictures today, but here's a link.

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